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Nanjing Antie Anti-Corrosion Technology Co., Ltd. based on the experts and technical backbones in the surface treatment engineering application center of Nanjing College of Chemical Technology, is settled in Jiangsu Provincial Zhongshan Technology Innovation Part of Nanjing College of Chemical Technology. The company advocates and promotes anti-corrosion technology, green anti-corrosive advanced concepts, provides new equipment, new technologies, new materials, new process, standards, training services and technical consulting for saving resources, energy and remanufacturing technology.
The company is dedicated to the research, production, construction and technical consulting services on modern anti-corrosion equipment, materials and technology. The key personnel had participated in the preparation and review of the national anti-corrosion construction standards and regulations, training and examination on anti- corrosion technician and senior technician, preparation and audit of anti-corrosion training materials and so on.
The patented product - anti-arc break arc spraying machine was developed and produced independently by the company. The anti-arc break ability, production efficiency and other indicators reach or exceed the level of foreign advanced equipment. Since 2003, the company has used this anti-arc break arc spraying machine to spray zinc coating, aluminum and zinc alloy coating, and stainless steel coating on hundred sets of storage tanks and ships (more than 300,000 cubic meters) for dozens of chemical storage enterprises, and spray aluminum zinc alloy coating on the vital part surface of the wind power equipment (more than 100,000 square feet) for wind power enterprises, such as: Vestas, Gamesa, Siemens, Huarui, Mingyang company etc.
The company designed, repaired and sprayed the anti-corrosion coating on many kinds of facilities, such as: autoclave, tower, sewage tank, factory building, flooring, chemical equipment, buildings and others.

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Nanjing AnTie anticorrosion technology Co., Ltd

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