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When arc spraying zinc coating, aluminum coating and their alloy coating (especially Zn85Al15 coating), the arc break is generally recognized problem, but our machine can solve completely this problem. Take 15kg/reel Zn85Al15 alloy wire as example, when spraying two reels of wires at the same time, the average number of arc break is less than 1 time.
Venturi sand gun developed by the company is featured with high spray efficiency, long service life and so on.
The company for different working conditions, developed resistance to high temperature, oxidation type Putty, Putty repair with the use of glass-lined equipment abroad under most working conditions
As we all know : the old paint on the surface of the steel surface protection is detrimental , but in order to remove these old film , but it is very difficult . Existing paint remover , or the result is not satisfactory, or contain harmful chemical solvents. The Company pursuant to the above-mentioned disadvantages of paint remover , research and development of new and efficient non-toxic paint remover ─ ─ DC-1 -type paint remover .
The company developed the FX-1-based rust inhibitor formulated based on the principle of electrochemical passivation for all ferrous metals. Over the surface of the machining precision without changing its original roughness. The workpiece to be treated does not require any treatment prior to use can be used directly.
The company developed the XZ-1 type rust conversion agent by the liquid (A component ) and black powder (B component ), with the preparation of the steel surface coated with a rust can react with rust layer formed on the surface of a steel attachment are tight , hard black conversion coating , this layer of film is exposed to 10 to 15 days and not return to rust in a dry atmosphere , avoiding the sand-blasting rust easily back problems , while conversion coatings with various anti-corrosion coatings and synthetic resin has good adhesion , suitable for a variety of coatings , rubber lining and synthetic resin binder of anti-corrosion lining works.
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